Why has the Basil ‘P’ Show been cut short?

Dear Editor,

This is a special appeal to the management of the National Communications Network Inc (NCN) in Guyana relating to one of their most popular and longest running musical programmes in recent times: the Basil Persaud Special ( the Basil ‘P’ Show).

Please return the final two hours that were taken away from listeners. The show used to terminate at midnight but now ends at 10pm. I have no idea what the reason is for this but another programme commences at that time. I do not know if NCN listens and values viewer feedback, but I am certain that listeners both at home in Guyana and myself in the disapora, have enjoyed for over 15 years and counting, the great musical journey of the Basil ‘P’ Show for six magical hours every single Sunday night.

How does a radio station then subtract from that listening pleasure? Is there no regard for listeners?


Yours faithfully,

Leon Suseran

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