Did other considerations cause reduction in programme’s time slot?

Dear Editor

The call by a letter writer for the restoration of the original broadcast duration of the ‘Basil P Show’  (ie 18:00 – 00:00 hrs)  is testimony to the popularity of this programme from its inception more than a decade ago (‘Why has the Basil ‘P’ Show been cut short?’ SN, August 9).

The writer in making a case is purporting that the broadcast entity is responsible for the curtailment of the time alloted.  Is this really so? After being off the airwaves for a lengthy period of time, the programme eventually returned to its original broadcast station and time slot, much to the delight of listeners and fans.

From the time of its return the programne time was always 18:00-22:00 hrs. It would be true to say the programme lost its right to the full slot when it was off the airwaves for a lengthy period of time. To have the programme returned to the same broadcast station and time slot as previously obtained, is a further indication of the broadcast entity’s good faith.

The programme is not the station entity’s product. After all, its title is derived from its producer/presenter so the station has no rights and ownership to it. It might be further true to say the producer/presenter (who might be a freelancer) has contractual arrangements with the broadcast entity for a specified broadcast period (four hours) each Sunday. The call, though worthy, may be constrained by other considerations which might not be conducive to a restoration at this time.

But I am just on the periphery; it would be more appropriate for the broadcast entity to offer a more comprehensive response.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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