Why has this LBI drain not been cleared?

Dear Editor,

I wish to seek clarity from the relevant authority responsible for the Better Hope/LBI Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). Since February 2017, I spoke to the Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Overseer and two LBI Councillors concerning a blocked main drainage channel, situated on the northern half of the Railway Line road, stretching from the estate road to the BV sideline dam. In particular, I am concerned about the portion that stretches from the short cut to the sideline dam. Some of the houses situated there are abandoned. I have spoken to the NDC personnel listed above to have the drains cleared and prevent my yard from being flooded every time the rain falls. The Chairman and one councillor visited on one occasion when the yard was flooded. Prior to this visit the Chairman had promised to have the drain cleared. I spoke at a public meeting the NDC held at the councillor’s residence in LBI about this problem. They promised again to have it done, but to no avail.

From February 2017 to date, only lame excuses have been given as to why the problem has not yet been solved. I have spoken to the Chairman on numerous occasions at length and up to the date of this letter the situation remains the same.

I would like the relevant Ministers of Public Infrastructure and Communities to look into this matter and find out why this particular drain is not cleared while every other drain in LBI has been cleared. I am fed up calling the Chairman and want some relief before the next rainy season starts.

Yours faithfully,

Ricky Ram

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