Region Two core group providing invaluable service

Dear Editor,

It was the initiative of the Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson to establish core groups in each Region. The purpose is to provide continuous services to clean and maintain communities. The core group in Region 2 was launched on May 9 and includes a group leader among nine other employed staff comprising both genders. The group’s active engagement includes the cleaning of road-shoulders, schools and state compounds, hospitals and community grounds, as well as private lands for those who may be incapacitated or otherwise incapable of maintaining clean surroundings.  Their assignment is five hours daily, and they continue to provide an invaluable service to residents complementing the cleaning efforts of the Regional Administration, NDCs and the Anna Regina Town Council.

The group has also been tasked with ensuring that the Supenaam Stelling is cleaned every six weeks, since it’s a port of entry for visitors entering the Essequibo Coast. Critically, the Regional Administration has been providing fuel while Member of Parliament of Region 2, Hemraj Rajkumar has been supportive of the project by donating his private vehicle to be used by members of the group. Indeed it is a magnanimous gesture. However, there is still need for further collaborative efforts to protect the environment. Residents are therefore urged to desist from littering including clogging the trenches with receptacles, thereby affecting drainage and irrigation.

The Regional Administration under the stewardship of REO Rupert Hopkinson has undertaken to beautify the township by clearing clogged canals, weeding parapets and planting palm trees, which have now made Anna Regina quite a lovely sight to behold. Notwithstanding this, the core group has been quite impressive in the execution of their mandate.

Yours faithfully,

Elroy Stephney


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