Columns should not be used to attack individuals with different opinions

Dear Editor,

I am not in the habit of responding to columnists or letter writers. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own views, though not to their own facts. Facts, it is said, are stubborn things. They cannot be wished away or erased however much one would like. There are of course some facts that are hard to accept, especially by those who are blinded by prejudice.

I have always been tolerant of views and opinions even when they differ from mine. Indeed, I have the greatest respect for writers and columnists for the simple reason that they provide perspectives on issues and events that otherwise could be lost or go unnoticed.

What I object strongly to is when people are attacked and labelled by one particular columnist (whose name I will refrain from mentioning out of respect for the profession) for expressing an opinion that is considered different from his. It is disgusting to say the least to be labelled a “fool” for merely stating an observation that there is a growing concern among Guyanese in North America regarding the crime situation in the country and what appears to be a return to authoritarian rule.

It is unprofessional and to a large extent unethical for a columnist to use his columns to attack individuals for expressing opinions that are different from his. Such behaviour is infantile and smacks of a fair measure of arrogance and disrespect.

Let a thousand ideas bloom and the more the merrier! In the marketplace of ideas, no one has a monopoly. It is only a fool who thinks that he knows it all and has the last word on any or every issue.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally