Landline, internet down since June 30

Dear Editor,

I informed GTT that both my landline and internet services were down as on 30th June. I was told to wait for five working days and a technician would come to fix any fault. Of note, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are of no importance.

As of today, the 8th of August, no one has come as yet. Editor, the point I want to make is that GTT services are very poor, and the PUC is a toothless poodle; all they say is, give them some time. Ms Mohamed told me a technician would visit me on the 5th August, but no one came. I called back twice to Ms Mohamed, and both times she was at important meetings and could not be disturbed. I wrote a registered letter to the CEO of GTT but I got no response. Since I paid for internet services five years ago it was never cut by me. For the past two months I was given three reference numbers: 1917080, 1927719 and 1937536 respectively.

My telephone number is 228-2304.

GTT’s CEO is talking about Blaze, a new service, but they cannot upkeep the present one. If that is a joke I am not laughing. Editor, is there any way I can get a cash refund? Because I intend to go to a private server.

Yours faithfully,

M Ramcharitar (Jaio)

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