A good academic year for Marian Academy

Dear Editor,

At the risk of understatement, it was another good academic year for The Marian Academy.  At both the CSEC and CAPE levels, the overall institutional results were very impressive and speak for themselves.  This was highlighted by some remarkable individual performances.  First, here are some of the general numbers for the school as a whole.

The school registered 100% passes in 15 subjects; among those subjects with perfect pass rates are Additional Mathematics, Economics, and Principles of Accounts.

Pass rates of 96.8% and 93.2% were recorded for English A and Mathematics respectively.  There was a slight dip in these two subjects, but still exceptional by any measurement.

Overall, the school had a pass rate of 92%, of which there were 251 Grade1s, with 134 distinctions embedded.  In aggregate, these numbers point to an across-the-board press and effort with commensurate results following.  There were a tiny handful of disappointments that give pause, and which need to be revisited for some fresh approaches.

At the individual level, the top five students are: Farah Chin, Mickelly Rahaman, Jamila DaSilva, Jared Cruikshank, and Alyssa Persaud.  Miss Chin and Miss Rahaman each obtained 13 subjects, with both of them gaining 12 Grade 1s.

Thirteen was the highest number of subjects allowed for and taken by any student at Marian Academy.  All things considered, this is more than sensible; it is sagacious.

At the higher CAPE level, the school’s fledgling programme recorded an overall 85.6% pass rate, using the normal yardstick of Grades 1-5.

There were 100% passes in Caribbean Studies (Unit 1); Economics (Unit 2); and Law (Units 1 and 2).  Bryan Kissoon continued to deliver outstanding work and results.  He shone brightly with 5 Grade 1s and 1 Grade 2 at Unit 2, while reading for Law and Economics, among other disciplines.  Truly, his is a sterling performance.  Close behind was Poorendra Ramlal, who passed all seven of his Unit 2 level subjects.  Other top CAPE performers were Rebecca Low and Kelsey Wharton.

All in all, The Marian Academy is thankful for its blessings and those who carry the flag year after year in meritorious fashion.  It seems that high standards are not only maintained, they are surpassed on an annual basis. To the students, I say: Well done!

Keep working hard in new endeavours and challenges.  Keep blazing new paths.  And keep delivering on the promise that is part of the future.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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