Government should set up a Hall of Fame for CXC top performers

Dear Editor,

I take this opportunity to congratulate all our students who excelled at the recent CSEC and CAPE examinations. Full credit must be given to Michael Bhopaul who passed twenty-five subjects at the CSEC level and Vimadev Hiralall, Ashley Anthony and Shannon Woodroffe, who passed seven subjects each with distinction at the CAPE level.

As a former teacher and educator, it is always a nice feeling when our students do well at examinations. I hope that measures are put in place to further enhance student performance, especially in the critical subject areas of English Language and Mathematics.

These are indeed outstanding performances which ought to be recognized by the government in a tangible way. The government should consider setting up a Hall of Fame for all top performers and offer to pay full tuition fees for these top performers at any university of their choice.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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