Touts in Maraj building taking clients from lawyers, JPs

Dear Editor,

Touts pretending to be Justices of the Peace and lawyers infest the Maraj building. They line the entrance of the three storey building, fleecing potential clients of thousands of dollars as they ply their daily illegal activities without hindrance.

These touts will approach potential clients as they enter the building, asking them if they want a JP or a lawyer. They will tell the people such things as, “he is out of the country’, “he can’t do the work”, “he is dead,” or “‘I will charge you less to do the work”, etc. Most people believe them, and then the touts lure them into an office where they ply their illegal business. And what is amazing is that many of these touts are females who are over 50 years old, while the males in their 20s are all dressed as if they are indeed JPs or lawyers.

Lawyers and JPs are professionals and so, they do not indulge in touting knowing that touting is illegal.

These potential clients have to ignore these touts and go to an office where there is a signboard indicating the profession and nature of business of those who have offices there.

Lawyers and JPs pay rent in the Maraj building as do accountants and other professionals who occupy office space, and it is not fair for touts who do not pay a rent, to be taking away their clients.

Your faithfully,

Parmanand Sukhu, JP

Commissioner of Oaths

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