Amerindians not treated sympathetically in Suddie, Charity hospitals

Dear Editor,

Channel 8 RCA TV, Charity, hosts a programme every Thursday night called ‘Your Community and You’. The programme on 24th August, 2017, highlighted the inhospitable treatment meted out to patients at both the Suddie and Charity Public Hospitals.

The host specifically mentioned that Amerindians coming from the deep riverain areas to seek medical attention are often given the royal runaround. The host posited that this was an indictment of the staff of these two hospitals for treating Amerindians in such a disrespectful, rude and rough manner. In one incident, it was said, a family was told when they arrived at one of the hospitals that they had come too late. Hence they were not looked at. In a passionate and emotional manner, the host requested that the doctors and nurses of these hospitals be more sympathetic and courteous to the Amerindians and the public at large.

Yours faithfully,

Rudolph C G Williams

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