Four months, numerous phone calls and still waiting for GTT to fix landline

Dear Editor,

It is with great frustration and disappointment we pen this letter regarding our landline service. In the beginning of May 2017, we began experiencing difficulties with our landline phone as we were unable to send or receive calls with only loud static coming through the receiver. Since we believed that the line may have been affected by the heavy rainfall the previous week, we thought it best to wait and see if the problem would resolve itself.

Approximately two weeks later with no change in status, a report was made to GTT.  After numerous  calls to GTT, a technician finally  visited in early July to fix the problem. It appeared then that the problem was rectified as we were now able to make and receive calls. However, after the technician left, we realized it was a temporary fix as our line was crossed and we were actually using the neighbour’s landline number. This resulted in us now being unable to access our internet service.

Consequently, a second report was made to GTT on the same day. The operator indicated that our case was still open and that a technician would be dispatched. Thereafter, a technician visited in early August, 2017 and after checking, indicated that the problem needed to be rectified at the exchange. Since then, the problem has not been resolved even though numerous calls have been made to GTT, the most recent being last week.  At that time, a supervisor indicated that the technician would visit the following day. To date, the technician has not visited and we are still without the use of our landline and more importantly our internet service. Further, we are still required to pay the monthly rental fees which GTT advised will be refunded only after the fault is rectified.

It is now almost four months since the initial report was made and it appears that GTT is in no hurry to rectify this long outstanding issue.  Is it that they are so overwhelmed with numerous faults reports causing such a delay or is it that landline service has taken a backseat to cellular service?  Surely this is not the type of efficient service that GTT boasts of.  GTT needs to understand it is not doing us a favour by providing a service; we are paying customers and more is expected from them. We wish to say categorically to the management of GTT that their company definitely needs to do more as outlined by their advertisement.

Yours faithfully,

Davin and Rosemaria Appanah

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