Teaching reading by phonics will revolutionise Linden

Dear Editor,

‘A teacher affects eternity: he/she can never tell where his/her influence stops’ -Henry B Adams.

On Monday, 28th August 2017 I took off to Region 10 Linden town to escort my wife Teacher Helen and my daughter, Lydia Beresford, where Teacher Helen was the facilitator on a programme called ‘Reading Revolution Workshop’.

On arriving in the township at Linden Enterprise Network, my wife was greeted by Mayor Carwyn Holland and his wife, Mrs Nikosa Holland. The programme was prepared and spelt out. The meeting was called to order. The opening prayer was said by Mrs Samantha Farrell-Wilson. The guest speaker, Mrs Gloria Britton came on and delivered lively and inspiring remarks. By this time the facility at the Linden Enterprise Network was packed to capacity.

There were present a majority of nursery school teachers with at least eight heads all eager to learn the art of teaching phonics. This programme was strategically set forth as the timing was impeccable. The atmosphere was charged with great expectation. Mrs Holland, the organizer, has to be commended for putting together a phenomenal programme such as Linden had never seen before.

Close to 11.30am Facilitator Helen Beresford with over twenty years of experience in the art of teaching and possessed of a personality that was electrifying, communicated knowledge in a very profound manner. With no claim to class or prominence she transformed herself into a child with technique and flair, and generated such respect among the teaching profession, liberating all that were present. This simple approach to teaching was transformational and revolutionary as the workshop agenda stuck well to its theme.

By the end of this workshop, certificates were handed out to all participants. Among the participants was a great-grandfather who was elated that at that late stage of his life he was afforded the opportunity to learn, and followed the instructions of reading by phonics.

Now if a great grandfather can sit in a workshop of this format and come out with a certificate,

then I cannot but help conclude that this was in many ways revolutionary. This great grandfather on receiving his certificate was asked by the presenter “Who are you collecting this certificate for?” He quietly answered, “Miss, it has my name on it.”

It is my fervent belief that this revolution will transform not only Linden, but will take a massive turn in this nation so that the entire country, region by region, will be affected.

Kudos to the Mayor and his wife!

Yours faithfully,

Apostle Vanrick Beresford

Senior Pastor

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