There were few Indian Guyanese in the Guyana delegation to Carifesta

Dear Editor,

Hollywood has been rightly criticised for what has come to be called “whitewashing”, namely the use of white actors playing ‘black’ roles in film. It seems that the APNU+AFC government has implemented a somewhat similar policy in reverse.

Without detracting from the talent of the massive Guyana delegation at the recently concluded Carifesta here in Barbados, the question must be asked why such a huge delegation only had approximately four persons of Indo-Guyanese origin in their

midst, given that demographically Indo-Guyanese are the biggest ethnicity in Guyana?

Because of the small number of Indo-Guyanese in the delegation, it was then left to other ethnicities to depict Indo-Guyanese culture in dance routines on stage.

One can well imagine the outcry if the opposite situation had obtained.

We will never transcend the colonialist legacy of divide and rule as long as there

is not absolute inclusivity of all ethnicities. The same ought to apply to the disciplined forces and the civil service in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Lalu Hanuman


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