Ramroop’s development of former GNCB building awaited with bated breath

Dear Editor,

I seldom use these columns but am happy – and anxious – to pen a most, brief response to Mr Oncar Ramroop’s interesting clarification in your Sunday 3rd September 2017 edition (`Former Guyana National Co-operative Bank building is privately owned’). I wanted to do this before this week’s column on Friday.

First of all, it is the correct and polite thing to do to thank Mr Ramroop for his long delayed response to my months-long snippets on the issue of the utilisation of that strategically-placed, now nearly-derelict building. What took the owner so long?

It was just last Wednesday a note was passed to me with Mr Oncar Ramroop’s telephone numbers. I just neglected to make contact- no ominous nor disrespectful reason.

Mr Ramroop should be aware and take note that my snippets were rendered primarily in the form of provocative questions. No attempt whatsoever to call on or “propagate” government to convert private property into state property.” He is being a bit oversensitive with that sentiment or mis- interpretation.

Suffice to say that Mr Oncar has now satisfied scores of (my) readers as to the ownership of that once-vibrant commercial edifice- now a virtual eyesore crying out for conversion into something useful. We are also now assured that there is “a unique vision for the development of this property and the Stabroek area as a whole.” And that the aim is “to work with the City Council and government for such a transformation to occur for the ultimate benefit of all Guyanese.”

Most laudable promises and objectives. I can’t wait for the earliest “appropriate time”. When it was mooted for the Stabroek Square to be the new site for this year’s Independence Flag Raising, the Town Clerk saw  visions of the square’s transformation. Poor Town Clerk! Poor City Council!

The Ramroop’s Investments Inc and P. Ramroop and sons contribution to the capital is awaited with bated breath by me. (And sometime in the near future I’ll reveal the bit of “Cheddi Jagan” in me and how I feel about dozens of valuable buildings and lands left idle for years in our Beautiful but Blighted Georgetown.)

Until, all the best to Mr Oncar.

Yours faithfully,

A.A. Fenty

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