Monster walls but no economic empowerment projects

Dear Editor,

Over the last several months ago I have found myself reflecting on and writing about the dangerous road our economy is taking and how the Granger regime has misclassified its priorities.  Today we have green walls rather than green energy, and this dichotomy exposes the hard truth behind the philosophical make-up of the Granger regime.  They are all about pageantry projects rather than productive investments. But green brick walls do not create real and sustainable wealth for the people, but rather only serve to feed the egos of a small group of people with small minds who are ideologically confused.

As the 2017 Half Year Financial Reports have confirmed, the economy is in a tailspin; aggregate demand is down, production in four of the six main sectors is down, the exchange rate is sliding, the cost of basic foods is skyrocketing, the foreign reserves have lost over US$55 million over the last year, capital flight in the last 6 months is estimated at US$53 million, salaries are stagnant, unemployment is rising and so on.  But yet they have money for green monster walls although they do not have money to conceive economic empowerment projects.  They have money for ugly parade grounds, but they do not have money to stabilize the sugar industry.  They have money to pay ministers 50% salary increases, but they do not have money to settle the severance benefits of the Wales sugar workers. And this is the story of the Granger regime.

Yours faithfully,

Sase Singh

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