Will the relevant ministry urgently look after Ms London

Dear Editor,

I read about the plight of Ms London and sent her a new wheelchair from New York. After chatting with her by phone, she told me that she had no medication because it was not in stock at the Georgetown Hospital pharmacy, so I bought her blood pressure medication at a private pharmacy, and had it delivered to her.

I am saddened at the lack of assistance for her. The $7,500 monthly pittance she receives from the government barely covers her transportation to and from the doctor, not to mention basic household items (my friend gave her $1,000 for kerosene). She has no electricity (cut off because of non-payment) and lives in a ramshackle structure (see photo), that is unfit for a healthy human being, much less someone with polio who is wheelchair bound. She can live in the unfinished house next to hers, but again, she needs building materials and the construction of a ramp for her wheelchair. Whenever she has to leave her house, two people have to lift her and take her to her wheelchair outside in the street. I am kindly asking the relevant Minister/ministry to look into this unfortunate and downright deplorable situation with some sense of urgency. I am also willing to do my part, along with some friends, to lend further assistance in any way we can.


Yours faithfully,

Yuri Westmaas

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