Repealing of Dream Act is a man-made disaster

Dear Editor,


As hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc and devastation in some parts of the Caribbean and the United States, there is yet another disaster brewing in the United States.

This is a man-made disaster which could shatter the dreams and lives of hundreds of thousands of children who entered the United States illegally but who were protected from deportation under the Dream Act which was enacted by the Obama administration.

This decision by President Trump is as ruthless as it is heartless and has again polarised the nation not only politically but sociologically as well.

It is one thing to go after illegal immigrants, but to uproot children from their families is cruel and inhumane and should be condemned by all progressive and forward looking individuals and organizations, including Unicef.

One can only hope that good sense will prevail and the decision to repeal the Dream Act will be reversed.


Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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