Herstelling New Scheme roads are very bad

Dear Editor,


I am a resident of Herstelling New Scheme. The roads are very bad, and during the rainy season the potholes become ponds as wide as the road. They stretch right to the sidewalk, and because of this you don’t know where to walk.

Over in Farm someone has about 40 or more cows, and every day he lets them loose to walk about and graze on the Mocha roadside. In the rainy season, they damage the road and make it worse. The sand trucks also damage the road.

The cows walk on the parapet, not in the potholes with the water, and this makes it worse. The road needs grading because it is like a hill, high and low and also bumpy.

We have no NDC here so I am appealing to the Minister to please repair the roads in here.

Yours faithfully,

E Baird

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