APNU+AFC needs to come up with a realistic plan of how to create jobs

Dear Editor,

I am not rich but I am not poor. Yet, I came from a poor community. Although we were poor we were not desperately poor like many people in our community. We moved abroad to the UK and although we are better off than many people we are still not rich. It took over 30 years of living in the UK for us to be in the position that we are in today. This only happened when all of us of working age had an income.

This is my advice to Guyanese. Everyone in their family of working age needs an income so that the family does not struggle (even if it is part-time income). Yet, I do understand their plight. How can they have an income when there are not enough jobs?

Many Guyanese dream of moving abroad to the USA, Canada or the UK to make it rich to help their families. I do not begrudge them their dreams. If they are going to move abroad then they need a skill to trade on. But how can they have a skill when there are not enough jobs?

In case I am not getting through to the APNU+AFC government of President David Granger let me be more explicit. It is about job creation as well.

The PPP/C Government was giving away concessions (some would argue too many concessions) because they understood the need for job creation. These concessions attracted a number of overseas companies which invested in Guyana creating many jobs. Who would want to invest in Guyana (a country that many companies in the world do not even know about much less know where it is) without concessions?

Unless the APNU+AFC government comes up with a realistic plan of how to create jobs, Guyana will stagnate as it continues to haemorrhage skilled labour.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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