KFC drive-through causing congestion on Eping Avenue

Dear Editor,

I write to draw the attention of your readers to an active nuisance that has been created by the KFC fast food franchise outlet at Vlissengcn Road and Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park.

The operators of this outlet have assumed control of Eping Avenue by siting the drive-through upon the southern carriageway of the roadway. This means that when the drive-through is in use, drivers approaching it must line up on Eping Avenue before entering. This causes great congestion on Eping Avenue by effectively reducing it to a one-lane road. Unless something is done, serious road  accidents may occur.

The operators of the franchise could have taken a leaf out of the book of other operators such as Popeye’s and the former KFC outlets immediately to the north, by routing the drive-through around the building. This would have left both lanes of Eping Avenue free for use by motor-vehicle traffic as presumably intended by the original architects of the road.

In fact, it is not inconceivable that officers of the Guyana Police Force (traffic section) may soon begin prosecuting motorists using this drive-through for driving in the wrong direction (on the southern carriageway) or obstructing traffic (both on the northern and southern carriageways).

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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