Dear Editor,

On my second vacation trip to Trinidad, a Trinidadian asked me what I thought of Trinidad. I replied that Trinidad is developed, clean and beautiful.

I thought of Guyana where as a poet so called, images of litter and littering superimposed themselves on the beautiful thoughts I have of the country.

I know on my return to Guyana I will have to travel on the West Bank public road with my wife and four grandchildren at night on what I call a very dangerous road neglected by the PPP/Civic and this government. I recall the horrible condition of the Patentia roads, especially the entry to the main road, envisaging damage to the vehicle in which we are travelling.

On my return, I realized I forgot to think of the blackouts, which occurred anyway on the night of my journey to my house.

I thought of the dog-excrement covered streets on which we have to walk, recognized as acceptable in a land where our politicians cannot pass and enforce simple laws governing the ownership and care of animals.

And I wondered if I will ever vote again. Enough is enough!

Yours faithfully,

Krishna Bracket Prasad

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