Police should stop disgracing the uniform they wear

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, I saw two policemen on motorcycles taking a bribe from a motorist. I literally saw them take the money and hide it under the logbook, or whatever book they usually have (if that book only knew how to talk).

I then parked my vehicle and approached the person who paid the bribe and said to them, “I saw you giving the policeman a bribe”. Of course the person was in shock and they responded, “Yes I did”. I said, “Don’t ever do that again; if you keep doing this, our country will never get better”. The person then told me what they did and while it was against the law, the policemen could have warned the person, instead of extorting them. I then encouraged the person to fix the situation so that it does not happen again.

Our police need to stop harassing our citizens and disgracing our uniform that they wear.

I will therefore continue my advocacy for a ‘Citizens’ Support Fund’ for the Guyana Police Force. Citizens can contribute towards this fund from which police officers whose income is below a certain amount can benefit. This is support with more dignity attached to it as against the extortion of citizens and undermining the authority of the force.

Yours faithfully,

Audreyanna Thomas