There must be economic inclusion as well as social inclusion

Dear Editor,

We have read with great interest the article in last Sunday’s Kaieteur News concerning the efforts of Canadian based Guyanese in partnership with international groups to bid for contracts in Guyana. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; the photograph mentioned, like most others, paints a picture excluding African Guyanese from economic participation.

How can African Guyanese who have been marginalized and discriminated against for twenty-three years be integrated into the business community, and develop the requisite skills and finance to participate in the development of Guyana?

Are African Guyanese to be forever left out of the business life of Guyana? Should we forever stand aside and look at others getting all the contracts, or should we always just be selling our services in the employ of others that build wealth off our knowledge, expertise and sweat?

African Guyanese represent about 3-5% of businesses in Guyana’s economy. This stark imbalance in the business sector/economy must be corrected.

ACDA welcomes the current local content policy that is being proposed by the Government of Guyana and seeks to encourage all capable Guyanese to search out where possible credible experienced international groups to develop non-exploitative joint ventures that would allow participation in our country’s patrimony.  We also call for fairness and transparency with the government publishing along with every budget, the economic participation of all groups.  We must know who is getting the contracts, concessions and benefits.

ACDA remains clear that social cohesion must include economic inclusion.

Yours faithfully,

Wynett Jones

For ACDA Steering Committee


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