Frank Granger was a very down-to-earth individual

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend my condolences to President David Granger and family on the passing of his brother Frank.

I worked at the Caricom Secretariat Annexe alongside Frankie, as he was fondly called. He was a very down-to-earth individual, and always started his morning with a joke, and he sang songs as well. He dressed in a green shirt at times and rubber slippers.  Once he had to travel overseas to attend a conference and he wore his suit and his nice shoes and socks.  His mother got word of this, and insisted that he visit her so she could see him in his proper attire. Someone spelt my surname incorrectly and I corrected that person.  Frank was amused at the fact that my last name had the letter ‘a’ twice.  He thought that the letter ‘s’ twice would have been more appropriate.  He held on to that joke, as he called it, and every morning as he came in to work he would say “Good morning, and where is Miss Westmaas with the emphasis on the last three letters?”

Rest in peace dear Frankie.

Yours faithfully,

Faye Westmaas

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