Why didn’t UG video-tape the lecture?

Dear Editor,

I was amazed that the day after I wrote in the media about human resource management professionals needing to adapt their approaches to staff training/learning/development in keeping with readily available ‘tech-savvy’ methodologies, SN carried a sad report in its issue of September 15 titled: ‘UG Sociology students forced to stand during 3 hour lecture due to limited seating’. The said report went on to describe the series of distresses experienced by the students to adapt to the anachronistic, thoughtless and most uncomfortable learning-deficient approach being used, especially in the face of well-known obstacles at UG.

I humbly ask a simple question: Was it not better to video-tape the said lecture and send it to all the relevant students (and perhaps other interested parties) and to follow this up with several smaller group tutorials involving students who express a desire for same or mandated by their teachers accordingly?”

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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