We need to act in a more mature manner

Dear Editor,

The recent harangues between personnel of the government and the opposition must cause us to ask whether these officials realise that they first of all need to satisfy and inform the general populace in our country of the various issues that are affecting our lives.

Some of these are the proposed Demerara River bridge, the oil block concessions, the appointment of a Chairman to the Elections Commission, and more.  It seems that both parties feel that they need to just keep us occupied with their daily wranglings, and are unaware of their primary obligation of fulfilling their obligations to the Guyanese public of informing and acting responsibly in relation to any intended projects.

I have always expressed the view that the continual struggle to win favour with the electorate by both sides of this great divide is only contributing to more and more hampering of our national progress. I hope that we can somehow see the need to act in a more mature and responsible manner, and work with some amount of unity and harmony when we have to deal with issues that affect our country’s welfare.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Paul

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