Ramjattan should not attack good name of Jagdeo

Dear Editor,

I am unsurprised by the recent tirades by Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, as he made another futile attempt to attack the good name and character of the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party and Leader of the Opposition, Cde Bharrat Jagdeo. To say the least, it is unbecoming of someone entrusted with the office of a Vice-President.

If Mr Ramjattan were to spend less time being consumed with Cde Jagdeo, who was the nation’s sixth executive President, and focus on his ministerial portfolio, so that the continuing crime wave can be effectively combatted, it would not only best serve his interest, but that of all Guyanese.

That should be his priority rather than lashing out when he cannot provide meaningful answers when questioned. He has failed abysmally in the execution of his national security duties as is evident from the Camp Street Prison riots in which seventeen lives were unfortunately lost; the decimation by fire of the facility some months later; the escape of dangerous criminals, two of whom are still on the run; and the daily assault on innocent Guyanese by criminal elements. Mr Ramjattan’s capabilities to hold office are woefully deficient, and his presence in that position continues to be a disservice to the nation.

I would like to remind him that Cde Cheddi Jagan recognized the brilliance and leadership qualities of Cde Jagdeo at a very young age and drafted him into the Executive Committee of the party.

When the PPP/C won the 1992 national and regional elections, Cde Jagdeo was made the Junior Minister of Finance and then promoted to Senior Minister of Finance.  Unlike Mr Ramjattan, Cde Jagdeo through visionary and prudent leadership, led the transformation of Guyana and was responsible for unprecedented infrastructural and technological development. During those prosperous times, many successive years of tangible economic growth were recorded.

Yours faithfully,

Zamal Hussain

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