Hopkinson has failed to implement Region Two RDC decisions

Dear Editor,

If there is one official attached to the Region Two RDC who needs to offer an apology, it is the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Rupert Hopkinson who is attempting to distract the public about the misuse of a vehicle assigned to me.

While my statement to the media on this matter was honest and clear, I must emphatically restate that Hopkinson could have called me if he indeed wanted the vehicle for outreaches, since I willingly offered the said vehicle for outreaches by our President and First Lady on separate occasions.

Mr Hopkinson’s negligence is reflected in some of the following areas:

  1. his failure to implement decisions made at the statutory meetings of the RDC;
  2. the abuse of the RDC Economic Project Accounts;
  3. the inability to manage the region’s budget for consecutive years resulting in deteriorating infrastructure;
  4. delaying and refusing to sign vouchers for payment of services satisfactorily provided which is stagnating the region’s economy;
  5. deterioration of the theatres at the Public Hospital Suddie owing to his negligence, requiring the referral of patients to Georgetown;
  6. failure to fix the standby generator at the Public Hospital Suddie for over one year, resulting in complete blackouts at the region’s leading health facility whenever GPL is unable to provide power;
  7. creating discomfort for many who are forced to beg at his office for him as a public servant to sign their payments for works satisfactorily completed;
  8. misusing road materials to build parks that are now pastures, while ignoring farmers about upgrading deteriorating dams;
  9. taking a clerk from the Personnel Department to do the REO’s propaganda work;
  10. blaming others for his incompetence.


The browbeating tactics employed by Mr Hopkinson are contributing directly to his growing unpopularity among the masses.

The Regional Chairman as Head of the RDC will stand strong to represent the interest of all its people and will not allow its Clerk to fail the region.

Yours faithfully,

Devanand Ramdatt

Regional Chairman

Region Two

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