Patterson did not know what he was talking about

Dear Editor,

Misusing our oil related assets and for that matter any assets will only devour the future of our women, children and underprivileged. That is why it was extremely reckless of Minister Harmon to attempt to whitewash the untruths being peddled by his colleague, Minister Patterson with respect to the awarding of the oil blocks.

The fact remains that every day that goes by, these gross untruths from the Granger regime seem to be getting more regular.

The plain truth remains that Minister Patterson did not know what he was talking about when he spoke about the awarding of oil blocks in Guyana. Slice it and dice it how you like, the fact remains Minister Patterson made a mistake in his public utterances but so far in a lofty manner he has refused to correct the record which has now established that his words were far from the truth.

The empirical evidence clearly illustrated that all of the offshore oil blocks were not allocated, so it was a gross untruth on the part of Patterson to attempt to represent otherwise. There is still the Pomeroon Block, the important block next to the oil rich Stabroek Block (which I understand is earmarked for development by a consortium), the block about 250 miles north of Berbice next to the Canje Block and the two near-shore blocks off Essequibo and Demerara.

When a Minister swears to carry out the function of the office, he does so with an understanding that he will act ethically and with integrity.  Thus when we the people encounter an increasing amount of untruth, our response must be firm but peaceful resistance. Silence is not a choice anymore.


Yours faithfully,

Sase Singh

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