‘The humanitarian crises in the region: a response’ for Moray House, Thursday 28th

Dear Editor,

“The stars have fallen! Eden is broken! 72,000 Dominicans lie on the front-line in a war that they did not start!”  Prime Minister Skerrit’s words will hopefully ring in everyone’s ears for longer than the proverbial 15 minutes. Few who have watched his address to the UN General Assembly could fail to be moved by it. At this point, there are humanitarian crises affecting many of our neighbours, some caused by nature, some caused by man. As these crises unfurl, we believe that Guyana and the region need to have a clear sense of the scope of their responsibilities and a pre-formulated plan of action. A year ago, we held an event entitled ‘Hard Times in Venezuela’  to highlight certain aspects of the situation across the border. On Thursday evening (28th September at 6 pm) we have invited a panel to discuss ‘The Humanitarian Crises in the Region: a response’. The speakers are Nigel Hughes, Mike McCormack and Colin Granderson, (Assistant Secretary-General, Foreign and Community Relations, Caricom). We warmly invite any organisations and members of the public with an interest in these matters to join us on Thursday evening. We convene sessions like these as part of our mission to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and ideas and in line with our firm conviction that a culture thrives and develops where ideas circulate and are robustly debated and interrogated.


Yours faithfully,

Isabelle de Caires

Moray House Trust

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