Jagdeo won for Guyana a prominent place on the global ma

Dear Editor,

At one time, Guyana was a little-known country, often mistaken for Ghana on addresses. However, thanks to the brilliant leadership and dynamism that characterized Bharrat Jagdeo’s presidency, Guyana has become aligned to the radar of all the powerful nations and organizations in the world.

And this fact, as well as every successful project and programme that former President Jagdeo initiated in the nation, in the region, and in the international landscape, hurts the sensibilities of his detractors so badly that their minds, pens and tongues are immersed in gall and their bitterness becomes entrenched. They spew their bile day in, day out, with an unending litany of accusations against Guyana’s former President, currently leader of the Opposition and General-Secretary of the PPP/C, chosen by popular vote within the party structure. They have also enlisted the assistance of many ostensible ‘experts’ whom they persuade to pronounce on Bharrat Jagdeo’s leadership and the governance of the PPP/C administration – all negative, of course.

It is not surprising that most of these ‘reports’ emanate from North America and Europe, because, while in many instances they have reached out a hand to ‘help’ our country, most often grudgingly and only if they can call the shots in administering the grants/loans, they have partnered in many instances with Guyana’s destructive elements to destabilize the processes of governance in this country every time it is under a PPP administration.

One has to be blind or, at the least, myopic not to see the massive development that has transformed this country, in all the sectors, since the PPP/C took office in 1992; but then one has to gauge the transformation from 1992 to current times.

Media hostile to the PPP and Dr Jagdeo would certainly not give credence to persons who are genuinely appreciative of the changes in the country, where everyone was provided with an opportunity to thrive and enhance their lives and lifestyles under a PPP/C administration. A case in point was their lambasting and caricaturing the Private Sector Commission for supporting Dr Ashni Singh’s budget, while glorifying a slanderous and nebulous report emanating from COHA – an organisation which has no credible base; and no reliable or trustworthy source.

It is not surprising that this report has been debunked by former USA state officials, because President Jagdeo has breached the frontiers and is recognized worldwide as an astute leader who has taken his country to unimaginable heights in terms of global dynamics.

A prophet is never honoured in his own country, but time and history will record his achievements ‒ as a person in his own right, and, moreso, as a leader who has won for his country a prominent place on the global map.

Yours faithfully,

Parvati Edwards

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