Why does Lust-en-Rust not have water and electricity after so many years?

Dear Editor,

I am the recipient of a house lot in Lust-en-Rust, Parfait Harmonie. There are a few persons there who have already built houses, and some about to start like myself. The situation in this area is a sad one since there is no light or water after so many years. I made some enquiries from persons in the area about accessing water to build, etc, and was told that there is a canal somewhere where some persons get water from; others have to buy water to bathe and for drinking. Thieves break and enter people’s homes every day since there is no light. I am really frustrated since I cannot afford to buy water every day to bathe and drink, and moreso, the canal is very far from my land. It was previously announced by the Minister of Housing that if persons do not build, their lands would be re-possessed. This is very unfair, especially in the case of Lust-en-Rust. This area is pitch black at nights, so it is obviously unsafe for a person’s livelihood. Other housing schemes which started long after Lust-en-Rust are fully developed. Is this housing scheme debarred from being provided with those facilities?

I would be happy if the relevant authorities could look into our plight and install the necessary facilities so that we in this community can enjoy our livelihoods.

Yours faithfully,

O Andrews

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