Pleased about sex offenders’ registry

Dear Editor,

The Caribbean Voice is thrilled that Ms Ann Green, head of the Childcare and Protection Agency, has announced plans for a registry of sex offenders in Guyana, especially since such a call was made since 2015 by The Caribbean Voice, which also established an online petition calling on the President of Guyana to act on this initiative. To date via the online petition and an ongoing campaign in Guyana we have gathered hundreds of signatures.

So TCV strongly supports the CPA’s initiative and we sincerely hope that it does indeed become a reality in 2018.  Many questions have been asked about such an instrument, and we are certain that, in time, all the militating issues will be addressed.

We know Ms Ann Green to be a very proactive, passionate and committed crusader on behalf of Guyana’s children, and so we are willing to help in whatever way possible to make the registry a reality and to collaborate in its functioning and promotion, so that all Guyanese can become familiar with and take advantage of its capacity to help reduce sexual abuse, not only against our children but in general.

Meanwhile we urge all to log on ( or click the link at the bottom of our website ( and sign our petition or request printed forms (644 1152, 646 4649) so anyone can help canvass signatures.

Yours faithfully,

Annan Boodram


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