Devers should do commentary in England

Dear Editor,

The recent series between England and the West Indies which ended in favour of the host team was most enjoyable to say the least. Apart from the cricket I usually pay keen attention to the commentators and their comments which makes me immensely richer.

Since the death of the doyen of cricket, Mr Tony Cozier, who was the most celebrated West Indian commentator and who is surely missed with his cool beautiful voice and his description of the bowlers coming from the Vauxhall or Pavilion end, a Guyanese should now rise to the challenge.

I would like to recommend to the West Indies Cricket Board that Mr Devers be recommended to do commentary in England since that is the best country to groom him, as well as for him to do a university crash course.

I do not know Mr Devers personally, but he has the potential of becoming the best commentator. He is young and his writing appears to be simple; listening to his commentary you see the depth and complexity through which he has informed you about the game ‒ from the Pavilion end.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Fraser

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