Mabaruma Green Park should be named after all the Solomons

Dear Editor,

I read in the Kaieteur News (Oct 2) that Mabaruma’s Green Park will be commissioned by mid- October 2017 and will be named after a well-known sportsman of the region, Mr Augustine Solomon. But while I do agree that the Mabaruma Green Park be named after this sports stalwart, it should instead be named the Solomons’ Green Park, to do justice to the other Solomons who were very active sportsmen many years ago, such as William, George, Phillip, Leonard and Edmond. They were all very good at the game of cricket and had the crowd going wild at the Hosororo ground.  I would like the Mayor of Mabaruma to urgently consider this.

I was informed that the Mabaruma Green Park project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Communities (MOC) and Mabaruma Town Council (MTC). This is very good, but in giving respectability to Green Park I am hoping that the MTC and MOC are also fixing the roads from Mabaruma-Kumaka to Wauna village and beyond, which are in a terrible state. In this regard there is also the need for an active road maintenance crew, because there is none at Mabaruma at the moment.

Can the Mabaruma Mayor Henry Smith say when vendors will be occupying the vendors tarmac since it is already completed? At the moment it is only sand and stones that are occupying the vendors tarmac. But who will be providing security to the vendors tarmac when it is occupied by the Mabaruma vendors? The Mabaruma community policing group could play this role but it is currently defunct because the Mabaruma police officers ordered the policing group to stop conducting community policing activities. This policing group was very active and effective because criminal activities were totally non-existent. The Mabaruma Mayor should also see to it that the community policing group is re-activated in collaboration with the commander of ‘F’ Division. The acting commissioner of police Mr David Ramnarine could also ensure that the Mabaruma community policing group is always active and that the Mabaruma police station has a station management committee to control corruption. The administration of community policing based at the Ministry of Public Security is currently at sea where hinterland community policing is concerned.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Persaud

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