The government should not be tempted to allow gambling machines

Dear Editor,

The Kaieteur News headlines on October 9, 2017, ‘Night spots cleared to have gambling machines’ are alarming. Gambling is an addiction that has caused untold social issues in communities, from depression, to suicide, to increased crime and broken families; it adds no benefit in our quest for the “good life”. Statistically, companies win and the individuals are only left poorer.  Of course, the supporters of gambling will ask for statistics and market research to prove that gambling is harmful. I would ask them to google Gambling Rehabilitation and view the list of gambling addiction treatment clinics that are offering counselling to addicts. In some casino hotels, television channels highlight the dangers of gambling. This may be done to avoid liability in the near future similar to what is occurring with the tobacco industry.

The APNU+AFC government should not be tempted by the financial rewards of allowing gambling machines to be deployed throughout Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

M Craig

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