According to the Panchaanga Diwali is October 18

Dear Editor,

The Ephemeris is an astronomical almanac or table of the positions of celestial bodies. The Panchaanga of the Hindus is an Ephemeris. It is what people call ‘Patra’. The Panchaangas available in Guyana are: (1) Kaashi, (2) Bhaskar, (3) Shiv Shakti, (4) (5) Drik (6) Bhavani Shankar and (7) 100 -Year.  All these Panchaangas are in agreement with each other.

The Panchaanga (Patra) is the authority in such matters. Hindus consult the ‘Patra’ from birth to death – naming of a baby, auspicious day and time for Poojaa, marriage ceremonies, auspicious/inauspicious time in birth and death, travelling, horoscope, building a house, time of new moon and full moon, etc, etc. The ‘Patra’ also has the Dates for the planting and burning of Holika, Holi, Shiva Raatree, Janma Ashtami, Hanuman Jayanti, Sita Jayanti, Ram Navami, Gita Jayanti, Diwali, etc, etc. The Patra is also consulted in times of illness, problems, etc.

The Panchaanga is the official calendar of Hindus. According to all Panchaangas (Patras), Diwali in Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, USA and Canada is October 18. All these countries are within the same time zone.

Yours faithfully,

Pt R Balbadar


Sanatan Vaidic Dharma Pandits’


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