Businessmen, others should help government in reopening National Service

Dear Editor,

I am appealing to the businessmen in Guyana big and small, to assist the Government of Guyana in opening back the Guyana National Service. The youths when leaving school will be able to join the National Service, and learn to read and write, and learn a trade, which will enable them to seek and obtain a job, because they would then be skilled. Many youths today are getting mixed up in crime, because they cannot find a job, and many parents cannot afford to upkeep, or maintain them, because they are also out of work on account of some illness or the other. Oil is coming, as is gas, while the Guyana hydro will go into operation. However, these companies will need skilled workers; without skills these youths cannot get a decent job or none at all.

We need crime off the streets so that tourists, businesses, and people will be able to live in and walk the streets of Georgetown and elsewhere without being afraid to leave their home or go to the shops to buy the things necessary to survive. We are depending on businessmen and others to come forward and help the people of Guyana, we need you now more than ever, may God bless you all for helping.

Yours faithfully,

Llewelyn Gray

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