Gaming Authority investigation has a place to start

Dear Editor,

I acknowledge and indeed am grateful for Mr Roysdale Forde’s public recognition of the Gaming Authority’s obligations to keep confidential, information that has been submitted to it.

A careful reading of my letter to Mr Forde and my comments on this issue published in the press will confirm that I did not “impinge on the integrity of the Gaming Authority”, as Mr Forde asserts. All I did was to request an explanation from Mr Forde as to how documents submitted to the organisation of which he is the Chairman, had reached the hands of unauthorized strangers, to wit, the Guyana National Newspapers Limited, the Editor of the Chronicle Newspapers and the Attorney General. This is a request which I am professionally obliged to make on behalf of my clients.

Now that Mr Forde has denied that the Authority ever made these disclosures, it is incumbent upon him to launch an investigation in respect of how these documents left the custody of the Gaming Authority, lest he himself exposes the integrity of Gaming Authority to the ‘impingement’ to which he refers. He must appreciate that in the circumstances a bare denial would not suffice.

The consummate professional that I know he is, I am sure that Mr Forde is aware that a member the Authority is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited. I will be bold to suggest that that may be a direction in which the requested investigation should focus, at least as a start.


Yours faithfully,

Mohabir Anil Nandlall, MP

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