It is time for a Ministry of Economic Planning headed by Greenidge

Dear Editor,

I just looked (Wednesday afternoon) at a session of the IDB/Private Sector Commission business development summit in Guyana via live stream.  A panel which included Vice President Carl Greenidge and former PM Hinds was quite interesting.

VP Greenidge’s responses to questions were particularly well informed and demonstrated his facility with a number of issues/sectors including market access, branding, labour availability, diversification of key sectors to include value added, air transport and more. But what struck me as being very positive beyond his knowledge and facility with the issues, was his tone. A very encouraging, business friendly and honest analysis.

Now, I think it is time for a Minis-try of Economic Planning which would include responsibility for trade and industry. This ministry can be named the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Economic Planning and Business Development. This ministry should go to Vice President Greenidge and dissolve the current Ministry of Business. This would be a super ministry of sorts, but Jaipaul Sharma or Minister Ferguson could be reassigned as a Minister in this new ministry to assist Greenidge.

Minister Gaskin could be assigned the Tourism and Civil Aviation portfolio.

This kind of reorganization is necessary if meaningful progress is to be made on moving Guyana’s economy forward with government leadership that would inspire the private sector to move beyond retail trade and have it re-engage in manufacturing, agri-processing and other areas of productive activity based on market trends.

I am of the view that given Vice President Greenidge’s international experience and exposure, and hopefully his knowledge of the need for high levels of professionalism and performance, that his being given the responsibilities to which I refer above will go a long way towards engendering a level of innovation and creativity which our economy needs at this time.

Yours faithfully,

Wesley Kirton


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