Games between the Golden Jaguars and local associations could generate funds for the Dominica Football Federation

Dear Editor,

With reference to the poorly marketed GFF President’s XI v Indigenous All-Stars  XI on October 1 at the Everest Cricket Club Ground, which the former won by a 4-0 margin, I agree in principle with providing the Dominica Football Federation with financial assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The humanitarian gesture by the Guyana Football Federation, the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs and Banks DIH (sponsor), was commendable, but still left much to be desired. I went along with a friend and we paid the nominal entrance fee of $500.00 each, in addition to purchasing  two bottles of Guinness. With $1,800 being spent up to when we left at half-time, for example, at least the net income from the game should have been published. I do hope the GFF doesn’t have to delve into its depleted coffers to make a financial contribution to supplement the amount. From my estimation up to the half-time interval, I didn’t see an attendance of 1,500.  In any case the standard of play wasn’t something to shout about, although I was impressed with the All-Stars XI left back.

Finally, my humble suggestion towards generating at least US$7,500 could come after the return of the Golden Jaguars from Grenada. The local contingent could engage the Associations of Georgetown, West and Upper Demerara at various venues with proper lighting. Intense marketing in the electronic and print media, handbills and banners would create public awareness and interest. At least then the GFF could produce a meaningful financial package. This nevertheless shouldn’t preclude the GFF from soliciting private donations from individual companies. By the way, why did the Stabroek News not carry any pre or post-match write-ups on the match, President’s XI v Indigenous All-Stars XI? But was there anything from the GFF, requesting adequate publicity?

Yours faithfully,

Lester Sealey

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