Guyana cricket has never been in a better place

Dear Editor,

Over the past six weeks we saw the second edition of the Jaguars’ Three day League rolled out across the country. Almost 120 Windies, national and local cricketers were on display vying for honours. This initiative, I am told, came from the GCB Honorary Secretary Anand Sanasie and was adopted by the GCB to replace inter-county cricket. The advantages are obvious, more games, more players involved, more officials being exposed, players being paid, etc.

This weekend would very likely see the underdog Essequibo rising to the top of the table, taking the honours as champions of the 3 day format. We would also see West Demerara and Lower Corentyne vie for the second and third positions. Certainly, we must admit that this is transforming our cricket with the 50 Overs and T20 versions to follow.

This is only one aspect of the development we have seen over the past five years in our cricket structure with unprecedented success at all levels. Only the blind cannot see our progress. This brings to mind a letter written by Mr Mortimer George.

We are all aware of the astute leadership of Mr Sanasie, so I do not think these skirmishes are important; he may very well not respond but I must have my say. He certainly knows what Schedule 3 of the Cricket Administration Act states. Others would soon find the flaws of the archaic BCB constitution inserted into the Cricket Administration Act by the very persons calling themselves “stakeholders”. I took the time to read it, and others should too.

Cricket in Guyana has never been in a better place. Let us win another regional 4 day title in 2018, for the critics.

Yours faithfully,

Anil Persaud

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