After paying off loan still receiving notices from Student Loan Agency

Dear Editor,

I was a student at UG from 1993-97. While I have not been residing in Guyana for the past 14 plus years, and after repeated notices from the University of Guyana Student Loan division, I paid off my student loan liabilities at the end of the 15 year period, in one payment. (My mother made this payment on my behalf.) The full payment receipt for principal + interest, is in agreement with the loan schedule on the same date, 09/08/2017.

I have now been sent an additional notice, indicating that I owe an additional G$66,355, dated 09/27/2017. Despite making several attempts to call the Student Loan Agency this morning, all  have been met with either the phone being left unanswered or the busy tone. In addition I am not seeing any e-mail addresses on the correspondence, to which I can direct queries.

(Enclosed are all documents pertaining to this case.)

I can be contacted directly on cell # 1-246-253-1679.

My guess is that other past students are, or will be getting similar such notices, in the coming weeks. And while I am most curious to get a response from the UG Student Loan division as to what these additional charges relate to, I simply cannot afford to dedicate the time needed to follow-up on this, hence the reason for sending it to the media outlets.

Yours faithfully.

Lionel Baksh

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to the Student Loan Agency for any comments they might wish to make.

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