What is Groden’s current role with the GFF?

Dear Editor,

Many local football fans are curious to know what Mr Richard Groden is doing currently at the GFF.  Mr Groden was at the helm of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation as General Secretary for several years during the Jack Warner era. In 2015, Groden was appointed by FIFA to serve as the General Secretary of the GFF during the Normalization Committee’s (NC) helm, where he was in charge of all administrative and financial matters. At the time, his appointment attracted much public and media scrutiny and was unpopular with several members of the GFF. His contract ended when the NC’s term concluded.  Fast forward to today, and after the changing of five general secretaries in the past two years, Mr Groden has returned, unannounced to the public, to the GFF hierarchy.  It would be a welcome move in the spirit of transparency if the executive committee of the GFF could inform the public and members of the GFF what Mr Groden’s current role with the federation is.

Yours faithfully,

Chamine Lovell

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