Small Business Bureau should create jobs for ex-sugar workers

Dear Editor,

GAWU should not slam GuySuco, a moribund entity about its plans to lay off thousands of workers by year’s end, but instead challenge the Small Business Bureau (SBB) and Minister of Business to create jobs for those workers. It should be noted this department’s 2016 budget was $52 billion.

It is well publicized that the SBB continues to miss targets and goals, claiming at times it was too optimistic and ambitious when it set those goals. Poppycock, I say, given that the demise of GuySuCo was known for decades. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

What do we do with 2,500 sugar workers who are known to get up early in the morning hours to do back-breaking work?  I can think about several occupations. One that is a top of the list is a massive irrigation project to clean all canals, trenches, roadside gutters, etc, to the point at which the cities and villages would not flood anymore. Besides, this is seasonal work as well.

How do you pay for this? You introduce a special liquor and night club tax as well as business and property taxes.  I know there are better solutions from the SBB. It is time for foresight and not hindsight.

Lastly, GAWU’s future is uncertain and it should look to expand its membership by forming an amalgamation with the teachers and healthcare workers’ unions. Maybe it is time for a genuine labour party.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Bernard


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