Giftland Mall sees Mr Duncan for the political animal he is

Dear Editor, 

Allow me a few words on Mr Sherod Duncan, who comes across as our brightest hope, a proverbial knight in shining armour and his recent disclosure that he takes responsibility for not reporting a case of alleged child abuse which he had knowledge of nor did he inquire or ensure that this alleged crime was reported. This self-serving statement by him is just that, it serves no purpose other than to expose the fact that if this could have remained hidden it still would be and his armour would still be bright and shining. The fact that a child has allegedly been abused and this was not reported for months is a disgrace on all officials who were party to this knowledge.

This is the same Mr Duncan, the champion of the poor downtrodden youths, who made much noise about the Giftland Mall implementation of an entrance fee of $1,000 for a four-hour period on Christmas Eve last, a measure that was highly appreciated by our customers who have numbered in return visits to the Mall of over five million since its opening and for who Mr Duncan would like us to ruin their enjoyment for a few who could not afford the limited entrance fee.

Not only was the Mall Management complimented on this move, but we witnessed riots and Malls shutting  down on the said Christmas Eve, in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa due to the same youths control measures not being implemented worldwide.

Mr Duncan needs to be cognisant when targeting his victims. Giftland for one will not be cowed, we see him for the political animal he is, it would take several of his lifetimes to match us in our to creation  and support for the depressed and downtrodden, be good Corporate citizens and supplier of taxes, being major employers and development of Guyana, building and sustaining lives, supporters of local industry, the Arts, Sports, Youth and Culture, for these the Giftland Group stands proud and strong of its past and future commitment to the development of Guyana, in a non-partisan way. We will not tolerate the disrespect of persons like Sherod Duncan.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Beepat

Chairman Giftland Group  

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