Mabaruma Hospital needs investigating

Dear Editor,

Mabaruma residents are very thankful to the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News for exposing in the public domain the problems they are currently enduring at the hands of public officers particularly the lawless and unprofessional police officers at the Mabaruma police station and now at the Mabaruma public hospital.

At the Mabaruma sub-regional hospital residents, particularly Amerindians, are bitterly complaining about the extremely long hours they have to wait before they can see a doctor. But before they are admitted for medical attention they are normally told by a doctor “you looking well man, go back home and do some exercise”.

The poor residents will have no other choice but to return home to their far-flung communities because the doctors will not attend to them. This doctor needs to be quickly removed from the Mabaruma hospital.

According to information provided, the Mabaruma hospital currently does not have paracetamol tablets, the only tablet that would normally be available for pains.

Further, the hospital also does not even have malaria drugs at the moment.

What happens to a resident when he/she is diagnosed as having malaria? That resident may have to die or be air-dashed to the Georgetown public hospital.

The Mabaruma hospital has absolutely poor supervision. Can the Minister of Public Health conduct an urgent investigation into the state of affairs at the hospital?

Yours faithfully,                                                                                                    

Peter Persaud  

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