Mr Duncan and committee were not effective in dealing with this case

Dear Editor,

The confession by former Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan that ‘it was a misjudgment’ (SN October 22 2017) in not reporting the alleged sexual assault of a minor to the relevant authorities, which act took place on the premises of the council, is indeed troubling.

For one who has been vocal in calling out the Mayor and Town Clerk on issues, this act of ‘misjudgment’ conveys the impression the matter was not taken seriously or given the priority attention it warranted and deserved.

According to the former deputy mayor, “In hindsight, I don’t think it ever entered into the mind of the committee that they should take onus of calling in the police”, raises the question as to the calibre of persons serving on the Legal Affairs and Security Committee and whether they understand their role and functions on such a committee.

Since September 15, some three weeks after the act was allegedly committed, the former deputy mayor was made aware of the dastardly assault but failed to take appropriate action.

The Committee in this matter has been less than effective and has displayed a coolness, which does not augur well and sends a chilling messsge.


Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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