What has become of Andre Russell?

Dear Editor,

Andre Russell is believed by many knowledgeable cricket people to be the best athlete in cricket. Although he has had an enormous impact on the shorter formats of the game in domestic and twenty-over cricket around the world he is not considered to have achieved as much as his

talent indicated.  Andre was suspended from international cricket for one year for having missed three drug tests. He did not provide satisfactory explanations for missing the required drug tests, which is the reason for his suspension.

I read a lot about international cricket. Since Russell`s suspension ten months ago I have read nothing about this young man in the media or on the websites of the WICB or of any other Caribbean cricket board. I have often wondered what has become of him, and whether his offence has caused him to be not considered worthy even of a mention in the cricket pages of the region.

It is not uncommon in the justice system to hear of sentences being reduced for good behaviour or other grounds considered not contrary to the public interest. I wonder whether someone or some reputable institution could consider acting on behalf of this young man to seek a reduction of his sentence so that he will be free to play cricket immediately. It would be a very nice Christmas present for Andre and could be very helpful to the West Indies on their next very tough tour to New Zealand.  It is not very difficult and would be so nice to see Caribbean cricket people show more interest in the welfare of the cricketers even those who may not be seen as paragons of virtue. It would be good for the game, and might even be helpful in reviving it in the region.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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