Acting Commissioner Ramnarine has been successful

Dear Editor,

I pen this letter to acknowledge the successes of the members of the Guyana Police Force in relation to the spate of unprecedented crimes in Guyana. In particular, I wish to acknowledge our acting commissioner of police Mr. David Ramnarine D.S.M, whose leadership is indeed noteworthy as in this case, during this period as acting Commissioner of Police, he is again, discharging the functions and responsibilities of the two highest offices in the Guyana Police Force.

Similar to our Honourable President, His Excellency David Arthur Granger, I share the same views for selecting the most senior personnel from the disciplined forces to be the head of a public institution particularly because of the enormous experience and exceptional ability to motivate subordinates, to manage resources and achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

Today, we are witnessing these two exceptional leadership qualities being fully expended in a peculiar environment by our acting commissioner of police Mr. David Ramnarine. Notwithstanding, I must highlight that the smooth functioning of the coordinated operations of the Guyana Police Force was also similarly realized by the predecessors of the Guyana Police Force who held the position of Commissioner of Police.

It calls for a dedicated leader with a strong willpower and a great deal of knowledge and expertise on how to police the air, land and sea in order to control felonies, misdemeanours and violations. Today, as we the members of the business community expand our businesses and expend enormous resources on our personal and private security; we are consoled and encouraged by the track record of Mr. David Ramnarine as is proven in the recent months as the Guyana Police Force continues to recapture dangerous prison escapees, apprehend persons who commit impersonation, gun crimes, rape, domestic abuse, murders, car hijacking gangs, and intercept narcotics at the international and local borders of Guyana.

I know for a fact that every law abiding Guyanese who desires to live in peace and harmony have confidence in the Guyana Police Force and are in full support of Mr. David Ramnarine. They are assiduously working and being vigilant in their neighbourhoods to gather critical information and relating it to the Office of the Commissioner and members of the Guyana Police Force in an effort to curtail crime.

Mr. David Ramnarine is not easily provoked, nor easily angered, he is emotionally intelligent, wilfully exercising the awareness, patience and restraint that reinforces a climate of empowerment, engagement, and excitement coupled with this ability to effectively relate to individuals of all race, nationality or creed.

I thought I should share my views with you after reading about the most recent apprehension of several persons who are before the courts for some of the most heinous and barbaric crimes of late.

Yours faithfully,

Nazar Mohamed


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